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Founded in 2007, PRPPL specialize in medical and health care PR.

With a strong network in the medical and healthcare industry, and in related corporate, community and professional bodies, we are able to draw widely within the sector to develop and effectively deliver your message.

Our clients include international pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies, private hospitals in Hong Kong and Macau, medical associations, medical centres, clinics and doctors in private practice.


"An award-winning agency specializing in healthcare and making the science of medicine easy."

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傾醫啲, a health-related facebook platform being developed by PRPPL, offers a unique new service for you to design and produce your own “show”, as well as an exciting new platform that allows you to communicate your message direct to your target audience.

As a partner you will be able to easily design and broadcast your own show or series to a select audience. We provide assistance with programming design and realisation, a well-developed platform and a well-known host and creative team. 

Please email us at to enquire about developing your own program.

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