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Media relations

With our unique experience and industry specific expertise, PRPPL can effectively manage your complete media portfolio, from press, public and online relations. 


From concept and production to positioning and advertising space, trust PRPPL to deliver. 

Video production

From conceptualisation, talent management, production and post-production, PRPPL will deliver the right video for your platform.

Digital and social media campaigning

With an increasing number of decisions being made online, a digital strategy is no longer just about website traffic, Facebook likes and Youtube views. Let PRPPL help you engage and connect online with who you want, and how you want.

Event management

From scientific symposiums to casual luncheons, and from internal company events to international conferences, PRPPL can plan, arrange, manage and execute any event you require.

Media training

Founded by journalists, PRPPL is perfectly placed to provide press and media training, from anticipating questions to controlling your media profile.

Stakeholder engagement

From influential KOLs, local and global patient support groups, charities and NGOs, politicians, clinicians and decision-makers, PRPPL has the proven experience to successfully engage with those who are critical to your success.

Crisis management 

As one of Hong Kong’s first boutique medical PR agencies, PRPPL have the experience to help you prepare for when things don’t quite go as planned. 

Specialist customized solutions

Specialist customized solutions
We know the industry - from compliance to competition, we know the issues, people and the science. With our can-do attitude and network of contacts, we help you craft a campaign tailored to your needs.

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